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Creation of the ICOFORT Membership Subcommittee

In compliance with our Triennial Plan, we have created the Membership Subcommittee , which should conduct a prior analysis of all applications for admission to ICOFORT.  The Subcommittee will be composed of the following expert members:

  • Dr Fernando Cobos-Guerra (Spain)  - Coordinator

  • Dr Antonio Bravo- Nieto (Melilla)  

  • Dr Isabelle Warmoes (France)  

  • Dr Milagros Flores (USA)

  • Dr Riichi Miyakle (Japan)

  • Substitute: Dr Nicolas Faucherre (France)

The instructions for submission of application, as well as the evaluation criteria and other details are published in this link: If you would like any additional information about membership, at any time, please send your message to the email . Best regards ICOFORT Bureau

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