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ICOFORT Arab States Community

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Sanaa Niar
August 11, 2020 · joined the group.

This event focused on understanding issues and influence of heritage (tangible/intangible, cultural/natural/mixed and movable/immovable) on sustainable development of communities in Africa and Arab States Regions. As a matter of fact, heritage is experienced both at personal and collective scales. In essence, individuals and communities in Africa and Arab States regions are connected to heritage, while also many of these heritage are shared across persons, groups and communities. Beyond the existence value of heritage, heritage can also be leveraged as soft power within the community to bring about social inclusion, development and communal understanding and dialogue. In view of this, the advantage of understanding the heritage of different communities in these regions is not only limited to having knowledge about the heritage but also to appreciate the peculiarities such as culture and art of our communities and across generations to bring about intercommunal and intergenerational dialogue.

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