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World Fortifications Website

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

World Fortifications Website ( is a realization of the Fortalezas Multimídia (Multimedia Fortress) project of Santa Catarina Federal University – UFSC, Brazil. It was idealized by Roberto Tonera, UFSC architect, Project coordinator, and it was started in 2001. At this time, the project has received the contribution of many people and entities which are in Website Technical Information. Website provides freely access to world historical fortifications database (existing constructions, simple ruins or even disappeared), where you can consult, research and contribute with its contents online. This contribution to database, in text and medias (pictures, old iconographies, maps, vídeos, CAD projects, among others), can be done by anyone interested, in portuguese, spanish and english, from anywhere with Internet access.

Also, you can research and contribute for information about bibliographies, historical characters, links (websites) and thematic texts (Forum) related to fortifications.

Any person who is free registered to Website as a contributor user can add any register – be it a new fortification, bibliography, character, link (website) or Forum text (Check Terms of Use). By this way, user becomes tutor of the added register, the only one who can edit it. This tutor, however, is able to receive contributions (pictures, texts etc) from other users, increasing, improving or correcting registered contents. This contribution will be subject to register Tutor approval, with guarantees of integrity and trustworthiness about information available in Website.