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Some concrete bunkers were built before the Second World War by the army of the kingdom. Type MG / 12 (machine gun nest) in the area of Petrovaradin Fortress.

José Cláudio Dos Santos

Petrovaradin fortress. One of the largest, most preserved, most complex, counter-mine systems in Europe, beside Terezin and Josefov.

Counter-scarp gallery "Karls Mine" I level (photo: Nenad Šeguljev 2018)

Communicaton gallery II level "Prinz Eugene Mine" (photo: Nenad Šeguljev 2014)

Forgotten, neglected, unprotected, unknown... One of eight forts around Serbian town Zaječar. Late 19th century fortifications of beautiful and unique desing. (photo: Nenad Šeguljev 2019)

Fort Mihailo Ilić

  • Fort Stevan Sinđelić 43°52’41.97″N 22°21’8.74″E

Greetings from Petrovaradin fortress (foto: Nenad Šeguljev 2014)

Milagros Flores-Roman
Milagros Flores-Roman
Oct 02, 2020

Hello Nenad!. Welcome to ICOFORT Europe Group and thanks for the photo of Petrovadarian Fortress. Looking forward to hearing more about fortifications you area related or nearby you.


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